Adopt & Embrace Microsoft Teams [Paperback for Managers]

Adopt & Embrace Microsoft Teams [Paperback for Managers]

Adopt & Embrace
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"This book is THE authoritative resource for managers looking to achieve their business outcomes using Microsoft Teams"
-- Eoin Connors

"This book is such a massive step towards helping business people thing differently about working (enabled by Microsoft Teams).  A world away from the 'which tool when' guide that is often the default when rolling out Microsoft Teams"
-- Joanna Teirney


Buy a copy for every Executive, Manager, or Team Leader in your organisation.  Bulk discount available for orders of 50 books or more!

You don’t need to spend your day stuck in email, or endless meetings! 

Set your team up for success with practical guidance designed specifically for Executives, Managers and Team Leaders who want to achieve more, using Microsoft Teams. Embrace new work practices. Improve business processes. Unlock real business value. 

…and get your lunch break back!

At Adopt & Embrace, we know how hard it can be to manage your team in an increasingly connected and distributed world. After working with 100s of organisations and hundreds of thousands of people to create a positive impact with Office 365, and being awarded as Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year in 2018 for Teamwork… the team at Adopt & Embrace have captured their lessons learned… their secret sauce for sustainable, long term success with Microsoft Teams.

Reading Adopt & Embrace Microsoft Teams will empower you to structure how your team communicates, collaborates, and coordinates in a way that will help you achieve your professional, and personal goals. 

Practical guidance that will help you use Microsoft Teams to:

  • Improve your situational awareness
  • Reduce the overwhelm of your inbox
  • Empower your team to do more

Break free of mundane management and create better way of working for your people. And get out of the office on time!

Buy 150 or more copies, and get a free 45 minute video coaching call with one of the Adopt & Embrace team