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"Microsoft Teams for Managers"

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This book is THE authoritive resource for managers looking to achieve their business outcomes using Microsoft Teams

Eoin Connors

This book is such a massive step towards helping business people think differently about working (enabled by Microsoft Teams.  A world away from the 'which tool when' guide that is often the default when rolling out Microsoft Teams

Joanna Teirney

A thought provoking approach to using technology to deliver results! 

Well planned, goal orientated, rounded, visible, inclusive and valuable outcomes will result from your adoption of these strategies. 

If you manage or participate in a team that's using or thinking of using Microsoft Teams, this is a must read

Matthew Gilbertson

Think of this as a common-sense guide to best business practice for Microsoft Teams

Reid Skinner

This book is an excellent introduction for how Microsoft Teams could be implemented (properly) at any organisation.  It lays the foundational thinking of what needs to be considered and provides great real-life examples that can be leveraged to build business cases within your own organisation

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What do we cover in the Adopt & Embrace Microsoft Teams?

Part One: Getting to know Microsoft Teams

Viewed through the lens of the three things we do every day as managers:  communicate, collaborate, and coordinate... we introduce you to what is possible with Microsoft Teams

Part Two: The 10Ps: A framework for collaboration and coordination success

Now you know what Microsoft Teams can do... what is the best way to set up your team on Microsoft Teams?  Using our unique 10P framework, you can structure more effective teamwork using Microsoft Teams

Part Three: Patterns from the real world

Don't start from scratch!  Gain insights and inspiration from real world use cases and examples that cover many of the most commonly used patterns you can apply in Microsoft Teams

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